Where to place footnote with reference to closing quotation marks

This is often confusing for me, so I hope it will help someone else.

In order to put consistency in my work, I went in search of this on the Internet and found someone asking a similar question.  See source below, but here was the question:

I insert alot of quotes into my text, and I like to use footnotes for citations. My question is where should I put the footnote relative to the closing quotation mark. For example, I might write somethin like: The Court held that “the alleged counduct, if true, would be a serious violation of the statue.” Should I put my footnote reference before or after the closing quotation mark?

Thanks for your help!!!!

And here was the best answer:

Official answer from the Bluebook:
Word search “inside,” and you will find the following statement:

Footnote Call and Punctuation Arrangement, 1/2/2008 (Related Section: R1.1 )

Footnotecalls always go outside quotation marks. Colons and semicolons also gooutside. The proper order is: quotation mark, semicolon, footnote call,colon. Commas, however, go inside quotation marks.”

Source: http://www.englishforums.com/English/PlacementFootnoteReferenceRelative-ClosingQuotationMark/crqn/post.htm

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